Sunday, November 23

Monday, September 9

Breaking Bad graphic

This has got to be the best television show I've ever seen. Every episode manages to get you even more hooked than before. I myself was pretty late to the party, but I'm glad I've been able to catch up completely (thank you Netflix) and just in time for the show's end (a few episodes left). Here's a graphic I made---I feel it embodies everything Walt White has become. His shadow-only, badass facial expression against a white, rugged surface and backdrop serves the true grit and powerful nature of this good man turned bad in 5 seasons. The static-like, pixelated texture accentuates his under-the-radar persona, even placing his face off-camera as if to show not even I was able to get a clear glimpse of him. The phrase "Tread lightly" was a powerful moment when his brother in law, a cop, finally figures out his criminal activities. Walt then steps up to him, lowers his head with an expression that not even his own mother could love, and for the first time ever he admits his wrongdoings and utters the chilling words. Even the font is rugged and as mysterious as Walt, and was sized appropriately as he nearly whispers the threat. Most definitely a very intense, classic moment. I'll be printing this thing on shirts soon (not for sale of course, so chill out, AMC). I'll be the badass that Walt is at least for a day.

Sunday, July 28


Yes you heard right...Lorin Wood's creation "Nuthin But Mech" is coming yet again with a SECOND volume to stores near you. I'll be overtaking one page this time around and I promise you it will make you wish you were a robot yourself...or whatever you're into, I'm not here to judge. The book will come out this December so be on the lookout for it!

Thursday, July 25

MATCHBOX vehicles are coming...

Since my last post, I've been hard at work bringing the next batch of Matchbox vehicles for 2014 at Mattel in El Segundo, California. The design approach focuses on a child's love of the INDUSTRIAL and the extremely RUGGED---we call it Matchbox-izing---a great way to separate itself from Hot Wheels' more sleek and design-y approach.  Some "licensed" vehicles from GM, Ford, and Toyota will also be included in the batch, approaching these with a more subtle rugged feel to keep the licensors happy. The link will send you to a super collector's blog of many die-cast vehicle brands who got Mattel's permission to go behind the scenes and photograph work-in-progress 3D prints of the vehicles, with some of them (the multi-colored versions) coming as rare "first shots" from the manufacturing plant for review, awaiting my approval to move forward to the production version---i.e. retail store editions!--- coming next year.

It's been very exciting being able to make these cars for the world---I've learned a whole lot in making these little toys but it's all been worth the long hours. I'll keep you posted on further progress as we go! Click the link now!

Sunday, February 10

Ford Picasso cars Commercial!!

Check out the ad I helped make! I worked on several concepts, with this one pictured below being the best shot of one of them. Very fun project! Thank you everyone at The Mill!!

Friday, December 21

Merry Christmas/Hannukah/Festivus...etc.!!

Okay Festivus I got from Seinfeld...anyhoo, it's been an incredible year and have had life-altering changes from an amazing new job, to my first ever resin kit of my design--the Dustbuster, to my family always being there for everything and anything. I hope everyone makes the most of their time with family and friends during the holidays!

Wednesday, November 14

the Dustbuster

Nate upped the ante with his killer wallpaper (see it here), so I had to make my own! You can buy your very own too (see previous post)---the model comes with the pilot, has a micro laser cut window, and a photoetch fret!

Wednesday, October 31

DUSTBUSTER is on sale now!

Based on sketches inspired by Borderlands 1 & 2, the Dustbuster comes in a cool little size of resin kit goodness ready to paint! Click HERE for details!

Tuesday, October 23

Picasso car designs - Ford Fusion TV spot

I was recently contacted by The Mill, an ad agency in NY. This pitch was to design odd-looking, Rubix Cube-like vehicles surrounding a Ford Fusion in the city---basically to help the Fusion stand out and look as good as possible. The designs had to majorly lack basic design principles but kept certain aspects that we could relate to in car designs of today. The project was an incredible experience and hope to do more work for them in the future. Enjoy!

Monday, October 22

Peter Popken's "Black Idol" Graphic Novel!!

 Professional concept artist Peter Popken has been busy drawing up a graphic novel, Black Idol. The work looks absolutely incredible---a true masterpiece. Go to his Kickstarter page and donate---there are some very cool goodies here so don't miss out! Here's the link:

Wednesday, September 5

Scott Robertson Workshop!! Sept. 23, 2012

Everyone's favorite car designer and teacher will be hosting another awesome workshop, and this time it's at his new studio in Culver City, California. Not only do these workshops offer major discounts on his books and an autograph session (he draws a car on your book!!), his work and relentless ability to teach the right way is very inspiring. I learned so much at his last workshop, and so have many others during his time at Art Center. Check it out here!

Thursday, August 16

Modo class done! (Concept Design Academy)

I took a Modo class this summer, an up-and-coming 3D tool that I learned about from Scott Robertson's Drive book. What a cool class this was---it felt great to see so much inspiring work and to meet such exciting new people in the field that I enjoy so much. I wish to thank our instructor, Vaughan Ling, for sticking with us and sharing his amazing skills. I'm glad I took this class because Maya was beginning to hurt me timewise---I felt Modo was much quicker and intuitive---and more fun overall!

Below is a collection of my work in the class---the top being the latest. I'll be adding finishing touches on several of these in Modo, as well as future design work using the fun software.

I did two sets of tank-tread objects (the first set is the toy tank---scroll down further). This is the second set of tank-tread designs---the official project. We split into 2 groups, one being to design in Batmobile-style, while the other was in Terminator-style, which was my group. Since we learned how to model tank treads, we could apply it to our design.

2D concept sketches (Photoshop):

3D work (Modo):

This is the first set of tanks, not required to complete in class but was something I was felt inspired to do.  I think it had something to do with my time at Isopod when I doodled tank sketch after tank sketch!

3D work (Modo), last image was composed in Photoshop:

Vaughan provided us with several pieces to make up any kind of ship we wanted. I used an apache helicopter's cockpit for the front obviously :)

2D concept sketch (Photoshop):

3D work (Modo, with pieces from 3ds Max and Maya models):

Here we were shown how to model wheels and tire treads (very cool techniques) and using soft selection to model the pipes.

Inspiration image:

 3D work (Modo):

Here we were shown how to work with instance cloning, which is why each mech has a set of four legs.

2D environment concept (Photoshop):

3D work (Modo):

Thursday, August 9

Nuthin But Mech book now on sale

Out now is our Nuthin But Mech book published by Design Studio Press!! This is my first published book and wish to thank Lorin Wood for allowing me to share my artwork with the world. The book sold out at its introduction at the San Diego Comic-Con. It's available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Design Studio Press' official site, among other outlets, so go check it out! A substantial portion of the proceeds will be donated to Charity Water, which provides drinkable water for developing nations.

Thursday, July 19

Batmobile design

The Dark Knight Rises shows tomorrow so here are some renders of my version of the Batmobile. I tried keeping it very "Nolan"-ish and grounded, as if it were to fit in with the current trilogy, but with some Tim Burton and 70's Batmobile elements among it to keep with tradition. The previews of the flick are awesome and seriously will be an amazing movie! I'll post my review of it later in the blog :)

Miguel Lopez mlopezart Devilminer Batmobile Dark Knight 2012 Tumbler Burton Concept Art New Future Vehicle Replica Car Design

Friday, June 15

The Batmobile is coming...

Miguel Lopez mlopezart Devilminer Batmobile Dark Knight Tumbler Hot Burton Concept Art new drawing Future Vehicle Replica Car Design

Tuesday, May 29

Dustbuster 3D print

Check out the awesome, teensy little 3D print of the Dustbuster!! Go check it out at

Monday, May 28

migz carz

I've got to start organizing my blog better since most of my car stuff gets drowned into the "older posts" sections. Here are some in this blog that I'm reposting to give them new life. More to come..