Thursday, July 25

MATCHBOX vehicles are coming...

Since my last post, I've been hard at work bringing the next batch of Matchbox vehicles for 2014 at Mattel in El Segundo, California. The design approach focuses on a child's love of the INDUSTRIAL and the extremely RUGGED---we call it Matchbox-izing---a great way to separate itself from Hot Wheels' more sleek and design-y approach.  Some "licensed" vehicles from GM, Ford, and Toyota will also be included in the batch, approaching these with a more subtle rugged feel to keep the licensors happy. The link will send you to a super collector's blog of many die-cast vehicle brands who got Mattel's permission to go behind the scenes and photograph work-in-progress 3D prints of the vehicles, with some of them (the multi-colored versions) coming as rare "first shots" from the manufacturing plant for review, awaiting my approval to move forward to the production version---i.e. retail store editions!--- coming next year.

It's been very exciting being able to make these cars for the world---I've learned a whole lot in making these little toys but it's all been worth the long hours. I'll keep you posted on further progress as we go! Click the link now!


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