Monday, September 9

Breaking Bad graphic

This has got to be the best television show I've ever seen. Every episode manages to get you even more hooked than before. I myself was pretty late to the party, but I'm glad I've been able to catch up completely (thank you Netflix) and just in time for the show's end (a few episodes left). Here's a graphic I made---I feel it embodies everything Walt White has become. His shadow-only, badass facial expression against a white, rugged surface and backdrop serves the true grit and powerful nature of this good man turned bad in 5 seasons. The static-like, pixelated texture accentuates his under-the-radar persona, even placing his face off-camera as if to show not even I was able to get a clear glimpse of him. The phrase "Tread lightly" was a powerful moment when his brother in law, a cop, finally figures out his criminal activities. Walt then steps up to him, lowers his head with an expression that not even his own mother could love, and for the first time ever he admits his wrongdoings and utters the chilling words. Even the font is rugged and as mysterious as Walt, and was sized appropriately as he nearly whispers the threat. Most definitely a very intense, classic moment. I'll be printing this thing on shirts soon (not for sale of course, so chill out, AMC). I'll be the badass that Walt is at least for a day.


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