Thursday, March 15

Design Studio Press, Nuthin But Mech, and Syd Mead!

The master, Scott Robertson, will be releasing "Blast" this April. I was lucky enough to check out some of his sketches for this book in person at his workshop, truly inspiring stuff. I'm still at awe at his last book, Drive! Blast can be pre-ordered at amazon here: DSP's BLAST

Scott's publishing company, Design Studio Press, has teamed up with Gearbox's very own, Lorin Wood, to create the coming book "Nuthin But Mech" featuring artists from his all-mech website Nuthin But Mech. This will be a very unique take on robots, a must for any concept art fan---I also contributed to a few images! You can preorder the book here: DSP's NUTHIN BUT MECH

And if you haven't checked it out already, Syd Mead has a gallery showing at Forest Lawn in Glendale---absolutely inspiring like always. It's awesome to see he still continues to produce many pieces---total master and my hero. His Sentury II book published by DSP is out, a true must-have. Check out his website for more information: SYD MEAD

I want to thank everyone that has supported me over the years in L.A. It's a tough place but with the passion and the right attitude, it can be exactly where you need to be. Persistence is key, never give up!


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