Friday, December 16

Dustbuster Project - Collaboration with Industria Mechanika!

I am very excited about a recent project based on the Dustbuster concept. In collaboration with Michael Fichtenmayer of Industria Mechanika, and Nate Clowar, 3D modeler, we've been working at getting this thing built as a physical resin model kit!!

These guys are high-caliber pros and I feel very lucky to be working with them on this. For this vehicle, Michael chimes in to share his expert knowledge on building this vehicle in resin, while I focus mainly on the design as it is being 3D modeled by Nate. I'll keep posting future progress shots until the end. Michael's already completed plenty other models so be sure to check them out! Here are Michael's and Nate's links!...

Michael Fichtenmayer a.k.a. FichtenFoo

Nate Clowar
Here are some behind-the-scenes progress shots!


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