Sunday, October 3

Mech study

Hmm...To finish or not to finish?


Lorin said...

I think the bg detail is a little too noisy so it distracts from the shape of the mech, and the solid edges underneath could also lose some contrast; same problem as the crumpled paper-looking texture up top. All good stuff, but it's distracting.

Shaun Patterson said...

Nice...would love to see your process.

Miguel said...

Lorin, awesome advice as always---will take it! Also, concept sketches coming soon ;)

@Shaun - My blog's got lots of those! Scroll down this blog and it's basically a process of splattering brushes on a canvas, and making out the shapes, then refining it. Focus on something first though, like for the Mig31-B LightCycle I did a while back, I know I wanted one wheel for the final design. Applying different shapes over and over eventually gets you what you want. Check out David Levy's technique.

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