Wednesday, October 27


I just got the worst of the worst viruses and it's brand new DISGUISED AS A FLASHPLAYER update! ARRRRGGHH, I'm so peeved. BUT, I prevailed, knocked him out cold (after almost 4 hours!!!!!!!--yes I'm still that angry!)...and this is how I did it:

I'm definitely spreading out the word and I hope you do too! HUGE thanks to that Giedrius guy on that site. This thing was a BEAST---it prevents you from installing anything, from going into Safe Mode to delete it, pops up messages every 5 seconds, UGH it was terrible. Apparently it hit big last year and ever since has been refined and updated to the nightmare I dealt with today.

Okay, i'll calm down. Spread the word, please! Again, it's disguised as the new Adobe Flashplayer update.


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