Thursday, May 26

The Matrix 2...sorta...and a REALLY good one too

My ultimate dream is to one day be the conceptual artist for a Matrix sequel---if it ever does happen---after which I may die happy and forever be in the history of a Matrix film. Until then, I look out for unique twists on the world of my favorite film of all time, The Matrix (excluding those already released, like Animatrix, Matrix comics, toys, DVD box sets, etc. And YES I have all of them!)

Every now and then you stumble on the world wide web and find treasure---and what treasure!! The Matrix was not just a film but another world where our minds could roam beyond our imagination. It was a blank canvas, with only Neo to lead us towards the truth. This fan film took just that and held their own by introducing us to two brothers out to kill the one and only Neo. This takes place perhaps a little after the first film---enough time for Kaydara and his geeky brother to envy The One and figure out a way to find and beat him. The movie is beautiful to watch, with scenes so good they surpass some major blockbusters! The music is cool---a little on the Tron side (but I think this was made before Tron so maybe Daft Punk took the idea! Oops, I've said too much). The script could have been a bit better, the voice actors I thought were terrible---a TOTAL buzzkill since the film looks awesome (c'mon! It's a friggin Matrix sequel made by fans!!), and Neo looked---just like Neo which was very exciting---but looked CG at times and very plastic-y. I'm totally for the rush and energy in movies---a climax or perhaps just some ultra-cool 2-3 second moment (I'm thinking of Tron and the kid's first Lightcycle ride), no matter how bad the script is. I am entranced and cannot be bothered---this film had those moments, especially towards the end where Kaydara finally finds Neo. (Come to think of it, I could have swore I heard my wife calling me---oh well!) The whole scene and the rest that follows is intense and I thought the makers did a spectacular job. I especially loved the very last scene where Neo flies into the clouds---genius.

Below you'll find the whole 55-minute film. There are thirty minute ads every five minutes, so it gets pretty annoying. Just do what I did, grab your favorite beer and enjoy the show. The ads don't matter as much afterwards. Enjoy! Go MATRIX!!

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