Tuesday, September 7


I just gotta thank again Mr. Lorin Wood for the inspiration and knowledge he's given me this past year. He has been a terrific teacher as I continue to learn conceptual art. I worked tirelessly on my hopes to perhaps add to the Borderlands game's lot of vehicles---a game he worked on at Gearbox---all for him and for fun in general. He is one of the reasons I've focused more on vehicle conceptual design.

His website:

You'll see a 3d model of one of these Borderlands/Lorin Wood-inspired vehicles soon! Thanks Mr. L!


Lorin said...

Thanks, Miguel. Now your turn.

Anyone reading this post, I have spent time with Syd Mead and on more than one occasion, he's has expressed great admiration for Miguel's work. Take notice. This guy is on the fast-track to awesomeness.

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