Monday, August 16

"Soft" - Inspiration: Borderlands video game, Daniel Simon

I've found it's tougher to create vehicles than spaceships. Spaceships can look however shape you make them and it'll look good, with practice though. Vehicles are more design-y, they require reading into positive and negative space, space between wheels, and a good combo of mixing both intricate detail with thick shapes that will flow well with the wheels and its overall silhouette. I think drawing robots are just as difficult. Anyway, I struggled a little more with this one, having to flip around the canvas a lot---mainly because my mind was focused on a certain look, more industrial than moon-lander-ish. This brushy method is way tougher to do when trying industrial style because it creates big shapes as opposed to pencil lines. This one is inspired from Gearbox's Borderlands vehicles. It's called "Soft"---don't know why, just the first word that popped in my head.


010 said...

amazing "design" and "graphic style"

Miguel said...

Your work is outstanding! Thanks for the comment!

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