Saturday, July 31

I HOPE i can get more paintings in...I"m telling you ever since I got to LA things've been clickin in my head. That's good because I lost a lot of inspiration during the move.

The one below is something I tried using the warp tool on brushes I already have, then attempting to create something within the mix of shapes attempted. I feel it still needs more city landscape so I'll continue this one a little further.

A further revision of the cat robot I did for the 'Curiosity.." painting. By the way, I'm don't think the yellow does anything for this painting. I think I'll tone it down...perhaps add a few hints of other warm colors towards the back or something..

Character design is probably closest to my heart since all my life I did them for my own personal comic books. I have to try doing more of these...below I experimented with brushes and, again, with the shapes I got, I imagined this shape, eventually leading to this...


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